Sunday, August 28, 2011


-   After two failed attempts at tryna obtain a California driver's license, My discouragement meter spiked up for just not failing the test but rather the fact that i wont be driving anytime in the nearest future. I remember the level of confidence i had boosted in me minutes before and after i took the test having imagined myself driving the fuck outta my house everyday without any bullshit yarns from anyone and most importantly, feeling like a G! 8-|

    On the way back from the DMV, my uncle made unsuccessful attempts to talk me outta my sadness for an about an hour which even turned me into more of a mess than i previously was. To be honest though, i payed attention to just one statement which that he made which was  "Failure is an important phase of life. If you donot fail, you are headed for a life of doom". He further explains "If one doesn't go through trials, the person is headed to a life of frustration and early death.
    When that statement was made, i started to pay attention to his beliefs and theories on failure (which is quite unusual for me because when he starts his talk, i just put my earpiece on). We all understand the concept of "Failure" (That fucked up feeling/phase in our lives where we feel as bad as shit to move on to higher or better things) and it's painful effects on human lives. However, i do not believe everyone has to have "hard times" or "Fail" to live a better life for the future. As a matter of fact, i think you are a G if you've never failed at all in life but i know searching for that is like searching for someone hotter than Britney Spears ;).

    Yes, nobody is perfect and we all make fucked decisions however, if you had a chance never to make mistakes, would you take it? Do you think you would live a life of frustration or doom? I Conclude with this- Your decisions shouldn't have to lead you to failure before you move on to greener pastures.

ATTENTION- Thanks for reading and kindly leave comments. If you are here to bash this blog, Go and smoke chalk or something (LOL). This is dedicated to Onyinye Okereke for encouraging this piece of essay i had written for a while now. - PEACE


  1. DUDE!!! Finding a babe hotter than Britney Spears has to be the easiest thing to do on this earth!

  2. If you had an opportunity to be perfect, don't take it. The only perfect beings are dummies and dolls. Do you want to be a dummy? Make mistakes. Make more mistakes. Make even more mistakes. That is the secret to success. Even Warren Buffet knows this. If you don't make mistakes, you can't make decisions. Gs make decisions, therefore they need to make mistakes.