Saturday, September 3, 2011


         Iv had this for a while but i decided not to make any fuss at blogging this but over the past few days, I'v been resulted to doing this due to the disrespect that i and Britney Spears have been getting via twitter.

        On sunday 28th august 2011, the VMA's aired on MTV worldwide with various award presentations and performances from both nominated and buzzed artists... Artists like Kanye and Jay-Z, Chris Breezy, Weezy And Lady GaGa (To hell with every other performances) performed and managed to save the night from MTV's flopped ideas to make it "the perfect awards show". I personally was most excited to see the "Britney Spears Tribute" because a week prior to the awards show, rumours were flying around like airplanes saying various music artists were set to take the stage in a breath taking stage performance for the Pop Queen.

       With my hopes up in the air filled with joy and excitement patiently waiting for this tribute, Lady GaGa proceeds to the stage saying a few nice things about Britney and how she's been a musical inspiration to today's artists (FAMZINGGGGG) and in a slight second, i see children dressed in Britney outfits from her music videos and past VMA performances dancing trying to immitate Britney's signature choreography from the past years which left me speechless and thinking to myself maybe it was the pre-tribute performance. After the children danced, Lady GaGa welcomes Britney on stage where there was some lesbian to be kiss scene (I really wished it happened buh Britney has kissed Madonna and Rihanna so, it's all good) which was really cute. Then all of a a sudden, Michael Jackson is brought up in the speech which led to Britney introducing Beyonce's pperformance. (WTF???)

       I am not mad at Lady GaGa (To clear up future beef) because she did do a good job at trying to make Britney feel relevant at that time. My anger points towards MTV and Britney for three simple reasons. Firstly, why in heaven's name would Britney let that kinda shit happen in her own moment? It wasn't bad enough that the tribute performance by little kids sucked but to add to this disrespect, Britney didn't even get to say a proper speech before introducing Beyonce's performance. Secondly, one could tell MTV wasn't organized or ready enough this year. I mean a show that has no host is like a farmer without a cutlass which shows this year's VMA's was rushed to bring in ratings. Lastly, A tribute performance should have had more time. Even Amy Winehouse's tribute performance by Bruno Mars seem to garner more respect than Britney's which is totally wrong and disrespectful.

      I know Nigerians are stupid enough not to appreciate music like Britney's buh it pisses me off anytime i see insultive tweets about Britney Spears. She has (and still is) making her money! Have you made yours?? FUCK YOU and kindly unfollow me on twitter if you've got an issue against that beautiful, kind and lovely woman that im set to marry soon. B-)

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