Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loneliness Or Poverty?

         Yes, it has gotten to that point of my life where i'v started asking non imperative questions that  wouldn't change the price of Garri (LOL). Before getting deep into this question, it'll do us some good if both words are first of all thoroughly explained before drawing up conclusions.

          ----->>>> The dictionary defines "Loneliness" as 1) A disposition towards being alone. 2) Sadness resulting from being alone in solitary isolation; while it shortly describes "Poverty" As a state of having little or no money. Loneliness can be caused by so many unfortunate factors such as heartbreaks, trust or even financial conditions. Loneliness in terms of heartbreaks is probably the most sadening of all three. This is a situation where a man/woman might choose to be lonely for previous/present heartbreaks. Loneliness by trust is a situation where a person chooses to stay alone due to trust issues and maybe has gotten backstabbed on countable situations by ex-friends. And finally, loneliness by poverty is better explained with this statement "No Money No Friend".(LOL)

          Off to the main point before Y'all get bored, i think it's important half of you sit down to think about this before replying- "Would you rather live in poverty and have true friends experience it with you or you would like it better if you had wealth and lived with it all alone?". Yes, i know half of you will think having all the money in the world can buy you friends... However, it can never buy you real friends. I'd rather live in a state of life where i'd have friends to that'll understand and live with my unfortunate predicaments than have all the money in the world and be as lonely as fuck. Your thoughts?

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  1. Oh wow! This shit is hard yo 'cause you can pick one now but regret it later. Anyway, considering where I am in my life now, I'm picking cash. Damn the consequences.